United Kingdom

The AWACAN-ED team in the United Kingdom is based at the Queen Mary University London, in the Wolfson Institute of Population Health. The multidisciplinary team consists of researchers who are passionate about enabling earlier diagnosis of cancer in Africa, with experience and expertise across the fields of primary care, early detection and diagnosis of cancer, health psychology, epidemiology and data management.

The UK-based team will work closely with the teams in Zimbabwe and South Africa to ensure successful delivery of the AWACAN-ED programme and will provide strategic leadership and management throughout as well as the following direct contributions:

  • Developing the database for capturing the data collected on site in Zimbabwe and South Africa
  • Co-developing the e-Tool for primary care providers and a symptom appraisal and help-seeking e-Tool for the public within Workstream 2
  • Involvement in the analysis of data collected in Workstreams 1 & 3
  • Creating a teaching and training package for students to enable capacity development in the early diagnosis of cancer field in Southern Africa
  • Co-developing the AWACAN-ED Southern African School for Cancer Research

Queens’ Building photo by Ewan Munro