2nd AWACAN-ED Southern African School for Cancer Research

The second AWACAN-ED Southern African School for Cancer Research was held in Harare, Zimbabwe in late November 2023 and was a great success.  Those attending the School included our AWACAN-ED students plus additional invited attendees from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

A series of masterclasses were delivered across the week by AWACAN-ED’s Principal and Co-investigators covering topics such as Career development and Preparing grants. Teaching sessions delivered by team members covered a wide range of subjects such as Quantitative & Qualitative methods, Health Economics and Systematic reviews. Senior team members also gave updates on topics such as Cancer burden & policy in Southern Africa and Developments in cancer screening, detection & diagnosis. Prof Jennifer Moodley’s talk about the Lancet Commission on women, power and cancer was a real highlight!

In addition, the AWACAN-ED students all gave impressive updates on their research progress.


Below is the word cloud produced when the Attendees were asked to sum up the week in one word.


The 3rd AWACAN-ED School is planned to be hosted in September 2024.

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